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الامتحانات باللغة الانجليزية لشهادة ICDL ECDL

  المقرر الأول الخاص بتكنولوجيا المعلومات (الامتحانات باللغة الإنجليزية)  

Getting Started - Computer Terminology; Computer Hardware; Computer Accessories; Memory and Storage; Computer Software.
Using Information Technology - Using Networks; The Internet and Email.
Computers in Everyday Life - Computers for Home, Work and Education; Working Safely with Computers; Protecting your Work; Protecting your PC.
Legal Issues - Copyright; The Data Protection


 المقرر الأول الخاص بتكنولوجيا المعلومات

  المقرر الثانى استخدام الحاسب الآلى وإدارة الملفات (الامتحانات باللغة الإنجليزية)  

The Desktop - Desktop Icons; Desktop Settings.
Finding Out More - Using Help; Viewing System Information; Changing Date/Time and Volume Settings.
Looking at Files and Folders - Drives, Files and Folders; Using My Computer.
Managing your Files - File Management; Recycle Bins; Finding Files; Using Floppy Disks.
Programs and Printing - Using Applications; Printing.


 المقرر الثانى استخدام الحاسب الآلى وإدارة الملفات

  المقرر الثالث معالجة الكلمات (الامتحانات باللغة الإنجليزية)  

Getting Started - Opening and Closing Word; Opening and Closing Documents; Entering Text and Saving Documents; Selecting Text with the Mouse; Selecting Text with the Keyboard; Using Help; Correcting Mistakes; Views; Displaying Toolbars; Print Preview; Printing.
Formatting Text - Changing the Look of the Text; Aligning Text; Inserting Symbols and Special Characters; Bullets and Numbering; Indenting Text; Putting Borders and Shading to Text; Using the Format Painter; Styles; Hyphenation; Page Numbering.
Working with Long Documents - Moving and Copying Text; Page Breaks; Margins; Line Spacing; Headers and Footers; Changing the Page Orientation and Paper Size; Tabs; Spelling and Grammar; Go To, Find and Replace.
Tables - Creating and Editing Tables; Borders in Tables; Shading in Tables; Formatting in Tables.
Using Graphics in Word; Drawing Shapes; Formatting Shapes; Inserting, Moving and Resizing ClipArt.
Working with Files - Using and Creating Templates; Saving as a Different Format; Importing Excel Worksheets into Word; Creating an Embedded Excel Chart; Importing Charts from Excel into Word.
Mail Merge - Creating a Data Document for a Mail Merge; Creating a Standard Letter for a Mail Merge; Carrying Out a Mail Merge; Creating Mailing Labels.


المقرر الثالث معالجة الكلمات

  المقرر الرابع الجداول الالكترونية (الامتحانات باللغة الإنجليزية)  

Getting Started - New, Opening, Saving and Closing Files; Moving Around a Workbook; Viewing a Spreadsheet; Working with Toolbars; Entering Text and Using Numbers; Using Help; Selecting Cells; Adding Numbers up with AutoSum; Typing the Sum Function to Add Numbers Up; Entering Simple Formulae; Using Undo; Correcting Mistakes; Editing Formulae.
Editing a Worksheet - Copying and Moving Data with Drag and Drop; Using More than One Worksheet; Using AutoFill to Copy Text and Formulae; Find and Replace; Checking the Spelling; Symbols and Special Characters; Sorting.
Functions and References - Using Absolute Cell References; Finding the Average; Print Preview and Printing a Worksheet; Printing Ranges and More than One Copy; Margins; Page Setup; Creating Headers and Footers.
Formatting Worksheets - Inserting and Deleting Rows; Resizing Columns and Rows; Changing the Font and Font Size; Changing the Number Format; Changing the Alignment; Changing the Text Colour; Applying Borders; Rotating Text.
Charts - Creating a Chart; Moving, Resizing and Deleting Charts; Formatting Charts; Using the Chart Toolbar; Changing Chart Options; Printing Charts.
Saving in Other File Formats - Saving a Spreadsheet as HTML; Creating and Editing Templates; Importing from and Exporting to Other Applications; Saving in Other Formats.


 المقرر الرابع الجداول الالكترونية

  المقرر الخامس قواعد البيانات (الامتحانات باللغة الإنجليزية)  

Getting Started - Opening and Closing a Database; The Parts of an Access Database; Using a Table; Using Help in Access; Using Toolbars.
Queries (Extracting Information from a Database) - Creating a Simple Query; Adding Criteria to Queries; Adding More Than One Criteria to Queries; Sorting Queries; Adding Filters.
Forms (Inputting Data into a Database) - Creating a Form with Form Wizards; Changing Form Design; Adding Pictures; Creating an AutoForm.
Reports (Displaying Information) - Creating Reports; Changing the Design of a Report; Creating AutoReports; Creating Calculations on a Report.
Creating a Simple Database - Planning and Getting Started on a Database; Creating a Database with the Database Wizard; Creating Tables; Changing Form Field Properties.


 المقرر الخامس قواعد البيانات

  المقرر السادس اعداد العروض (الامتحانات باللغة الإنجليزية)  

Getting Started - Opening and Closing PowerPoint; Opening and Closing a Presentation; Changing the View in PowerPoint; Moving Around a Presentation; Creating a Presentation from a Template; Using Help; Displaying Toolbars; Adding Text to Slides; Selecting Text and Placeholders; Moving, Resizing and Deleting Placeholders; Moving and Copying Text; Adding Text in Outline View; Working with Slides.
Adding, Deleting and Moving Slides - Slide Setup; Printing Slides; Changing the Appearance of Text; Advanced Text Formatting; Aligning Text Horizontally and Vertically; Formatting Placeholders; Formatting Background; Changing the Colour Scheme; Line Spacing; Modifying Bulletpoints.
Masters and Templates - Using a Master Slide; Applying a Template; Creating Speakers Notes.
Drawing - Using the Drawing Toolbar; Formatting Shapes; Adding 3D and Shadow to Shapes; Moving, Resizing and Deleting Shapes; Rotating and Ordering Shapes.
Graphs and Charts - Creating a Chart; Moving Resizing and Deleting a Chart; Using the Chart Toolbar; Creating an organisation Chart; ClipArt and Pictures.
Adding Pictures to Slides - Moving, Copying Resizing and Deleting Pictures; Using the Picture Toolbar.
Spell-checking - Spell-checking; On-Screen Shows.
Using Slide Show View - Adding Slide Transitions; Adding Animation to Slides; Hiding Slides; Saving as a Different Format; Hiding Slides; Saving as a Different Formats and for the Web.
Importing - Importing Slides from Another Presentation; Importing Text from Word; Importing Charts from Excel.


المقرر السادس اعداد العروض

  المقرر السابع الانترنت والبريد الالكترونى (الامتحانات باللغة الإنجليزية)  

Getting Started - Using Help; Changing the Display; Web Addresses (URLs).
Using Search Engines - Search Engines; Searching the Web.
Viewing and Saving Web Pages - Your Favourite Web Site; Saving a Web Page; Image Files.
Printing - Printing a Web Page; Page Setup.
Getting Started with Outlook - Opening Outlook and the Inbox; Using Help in Outlook; Toolbars and Views.
Working with Email - Creating and Sending an Email; Forwarding and Replying to Email; Sending and Receiving Attachments; Moving and Copying Text; Customising your Email in Outlook; Checking Your Spelling.
Organising Your Email - Organising Your Email; Deleting Email; Finding Messages; Creating Contacts; Using the Address Book; Distribution Lists in Outlook

  المقرر السابع الانترنت والبريد الالكترونى  
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